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2014-09-16 16:47
Yangfan Group order handling ranks 12th in global

According to the Klaxon’s statistics, Yangfan’s handling orders moved up to 5th and 12th respectively at home and abroad. The total valid 72 vessel orders, with 25 vessels of 38k DWT, rank in No. 1 in China, and 34 vessels of 64k DWT, rank in No. 3 in China,has deserved 11.2 billion RMB. The production line of Yangfan is full before the first half of 2017.
As is known,Yangfan is heading steady towards the goal of “mass of orders and specialization of production” to develop high added-value ships and upgrade company’s brand value since 2011. Dedicated to research and transitions and building of energy-saving, environmental protection, high added-value and high-tech ships, Yangfan has shaped 3 product lines: handy-size 38000DWT bulk carriers, handymax 64000DWT bulk carriers and 2500TEU container vessels, and each line’s handling orders are more than 20 vessels. The pattern of “Mass of orders and specialization of production” has already been formed.



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