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2014-07-15 09:47
Yangfan Shipbuilding have been approved by LRQA

June 17th, the subsidiary of Yangfan Group Zhejiang East Coast shipbuilding co., ltd., Zhoushan Dashenzhou shipbuilding Co., ltd. have been approved by LRQA Business Assurance and received the relevant certification. So far, Yangfan Group with its three shipbuilding basement “East coast shipyard”, “Dashenzhou shipyard” and “Zhoushan shipyard” have been approved by LRQA Business Assurance.
It is report that since May of this year, the audit team of LRQA business assurance have check and inspect the Quality management system, Environmental management system and Safety Management system of “East coast shipyard” and “Dashenzhou shipyard”, finally they confirm both of them are full in line with ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 system.



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