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2014-05-05 09:36
Research of Construction method is fruitful, three construct

 At April, three construction method were independent developed by Ying shiliang and Huang weibo from Production and technical dept of Yangfan Group have been award patent for utility models by State Intellectual Property Bureau. Three construction method are multiple function platform for ship hang, method for sectional bar quick installation and method for ship structure quick positioning, and those method are very simple and easy.
Shipbuilding construction method play a very important role in the shipbuilding technology, leaning and researching the construction method technology and innovating the technology in continuously can improve the working condition and environment of the worker, enhance productivity and delivery the ship good and fast.
In order to push the advanced construction method technology, research and develop the advanced instruments, the office of construction method assigned special person to SWS shipyard leaning the advanced construction method technology. The three construction method patent makes a big contribute to the construction method technology and patented technology.



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