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2014-03-06 09:22
Yangfan on TOP14,was published on Sino shipbuilding Society

 In the mid of January of 2013, The “Sino shipbuilding Society Top20” press conference was announced in Beijing, which hold by Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises Association (CMEA), The Central National Condition Investigation Committee (CNCIC) and The Focus Chinese Network. Yangfan Group was listed on Top14.
It is understood that in 2013, Yangfan Group have overcome huge impact due to the depressed of shipbuilding Market. On the one hand, it upgrades the shiptype, constantlhy improve the efficiency and competitive of the new ship, on the other side, it capture market information closely, and take the new building order initiatively. By the end of 2013, Yangfan Group’s orderbook up to 70 ships, the delivery date have been arranged at end of 2015. In the same time, Yangfan Group’s independent research and development 6900PCTC successfully enter into European market and getting favor by owners.



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